Wrapped with love and intention, our Palo Salo Santo + Selenite Bundles include two Palo Santo wooden sticks with Selenite. Burning Palo Santo cleanses the energy of any space, inviting new and beautiful energy to enter. Incorporate them into your daily routine to invoke deeper moments of mindfulness and bring a sense of calm to spirit. Our sticks are sourced only from trees that have died naturally, a process that allows the tree to naturally secrete its own oil - thus enhancing its fullest healing potential to develop as nature intended. 


Our selenite sticks - from Morocco's Sahara Desert, bring mental clarity, perspective, and balance the emotional body. Selenite's healing powers allow wisdom to flow from crown to base chakra. It's deep metaphysical healing power sparks inner transformation and change - a reminder that everything you need is within you. 

Palo Santo + Selenite Bundle



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