O U R  S T O R Y

Founder and designer Carolyn Parra has a passion for all aspects of design. Since 2013, she has been designing and creating for clients around the world. After co-founding an all natural cosmetic company, Carolyn was asked to design her first custom wedding invitation suite. It was then that she knew she had

discovered what truly set her soul on fire. As others inquired about custom logos and invitations, she set forth online

to build Carolyn Parra Designs.

Her passion for quality, attention to detail and exceptional customer service propelled her to work with brides, small businesses, and companies like Daily Mail + Elite Daily

for specific tailored custom projects. As her business grew, she never lost site of the core principles that she began with.

Her commitment to excellence and passion for paper ensure that every page is individually hand printed, inspected and assembled to ensure the highest quality. Above all else, the most important element of all - infusing and printing

everything with love.


In a digital world, she believes that our deepest human yearning remains. Our desire to connect, express, and share is something tangible and as everlasting as the human spirit.

In 2019, Carolyn Parra Designs was rebranded

into Human Paper with a mission to create paper with a purpose. Following the global Covid-19 pandemic, a percentage of all sales were re-directed from sustainable energy initiatives to the Direct Relief Fund.

Carolyn lives and works from her home studio in San Francisco, California. She holds a certification in UX Design, and when not designing she enjoys spending time with her two young daughters, running, pilates, reading and cooking.


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